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Snow Removal

Being located in mountainous Northern California has given us years of extensive and unique snow removal experience.

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Asphalt paving

Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc. has the experience and expertise to address all asphalt paving applications, including AC material production. Our multiple paving equipment groups can manage multiple projects ranging from driveways and parking lots to miles of highway and multilane interstate paving operations, in any terrain, curves or elevations, including traffic management and environmental safeguards.

Bridge construction

Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc. bridge construction capabilities encompass roadway overpasses, waterway crossings, highway bridges, bike/hiking trail bridges and concrete box culverts. Our expertise covers all types of reinforced concrete bridges, steel bridges and/or composite steel and wood structures. If you need to get over there from here, HCC will get you there.

Clearing and Grubbing

Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc. has historical expertise for land clearing & grubbing dating back to our founding in 1972. Our crews and equipment fleet can manage projects for simple building sites, or wind turbine site work to extensive highway realignment requirements.

Concrete flatwork

Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc. can complete your concrete flatwork needs for patios, walkways, sidewalks, curb & gutter, and building foundations or slabs, including concrete production in areas accessible from our two concrete plants in Burney and Susanville.

Commercial building

Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc. can manage your building requirements from wood stick framing to prefabricated metal building erection, including site work, underground utilities, foundations, foundation and/or interior slab and exterior walkways.

Heavy Civil

Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc. has the team, equipment and experience to address your heavy civil construction needs including Radio Tower site work/installation/decommissioning, earth buttress wall, rock anchor tie-back walls, and concrete retaining walls to enhance site access or retain slopes for site establishment.

Material Production & Sales

Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc. produces much of its own materials for its construction division out of our three primary plant locations, but also provides outside material sales to government entities, other construction enterprises as well as to the general public. HCC produces Asphalt Concrete, Ready Mix Concrete, Rock Slope Protection boulders ranging from 6” rock up to and beyond 1 ton rock, aggregate base, clean gravel, and many other sizes and products.

Road building

Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc. crews and equipment fleet are well suited for any roadbuilding and earth moving operations. Our expertise extends to emergency slide removal or embankment reconstruction, forest service timber harvest roads, new highway realignment roadway excavations and embankments, existing roadway full depth reconstruction including recycling existing roadway material and pavement overlay, and highway widenings.

Structural concrete

Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc. carpentry crews are ready to address your structural concrete requirements for large commercial building foundations to reinforced concrete retaining walls.

Underground utilities

Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc. has extensive experience in highway drainage replacement and improvements, utility district water service connections, upgrades, repairs and replacements, electrical service conduit installation, and utility service sewer replacement and repairs.

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