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Hatchet Ridge Windfarm

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Hatchet Ridge Windfarm
City: Burney
State: CA
Category(s): Environmental Projects
Commercial Projects
Type(s): Windfarms
Culvert Installation
Products Used:
Date Completed: October 2010
Client: RES Americas
Budget: $7,000,000.00
Notes: Constructing 11.3 miles of access roads for 44 415 tall windmills and power lines. Roadway excavation consisted of 370,000 yards of excavation & embankment. Heavy brushing & clearing on +- 400 acres. Keystone block retaining wall 140 long X 8 high with geogrid retaining system. Crushed/screened and hauled 120,000 tons of dense grade base, 30,000 tons of concrete aggregates, 20,000 cubic yards of 5,000 psi concrete and 18,000 tons of thermal resistivity material.
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